Magick crime budget numbers

Even on a local city (big city) level we see the occult numbers in the budget. 44/33/22 (11x).

There’s even money for a technology that “counts” gunshots.

If crime is really declining, and the crimes are actually hoaxes, then the police budget should also reduce. The hoaxes are really for the budget makers on council, moreso than the population that doesn’t even pay attention.

City staff have put forward a $44-million, five-year plan to reduce gun violence that would be funded entirely by the federal and provincial governments. The funds for the new plan have not yet been secured. Council will be asked at a meeting that begins next week to authorize staff to apply for the money from higher-order governments to support both community and city-run programs serving at-risk youth, as well as for the redeployment of officers and new technology.

Source: City council asked to approve $44-million plan to reduce gun violence | The Star

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