The two Bobby's

The Fakeologist 55 show might just have new competition as ‘The 138 Show’ makes an effort to do just as good – but in just 33 minutes. Some of the discussion is pretty heavy on swearwords and the audio not top-quality yet*.

The two Bobby’s were inspired by distopian 1971 film THX 1138 by George Lucas for the title of their show and both hosts are self-proclaimed alternative research veterans with 20 years and 15 years of conspiracy theory behind them respectively.

The topics covered are : Deception, Flat Earth (critics), Cyberpunk movement, Evil corporations, the Constitition, Gun legislation, Psychopaths, MGTOW

The 138 Show w/ Bobby & Bobby – T138S, Episode 7
Convex Earth doc Recall & CIA – Apr 2 2018 – 35:02 (mm:ss)

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Achor FM – The 138 Show (audio version)

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*the audio quality of the 138 show is announced to get better soon

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