More hoax code for Rob Ford death hoax


The more I think about this- the fact that the that the insurance wasn’t paid out, the fact that the house was remortgaged is all more consistent with the idea that Rob Ford is not dead.

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Strange numbers are signalling total hoax – a private mortgage in 2018 at 8.5%? Is this money to buy Rob a condo somewhere here or Chicago?

The late mayor Rob Ford’s estate is valued at $1.1 million, according to documents filed in Toronto estates court in the last few months.

estate was valued at $921,738, but they have recently “discovered” the existence of an insurance policy valued at $222,006 and a bank account that held $2,006.

Source: Rob Ford estate file shows $1.1 million in assets — and no indication of any payout to widow and children | The Star

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