Where’s the barrier damage?

Another half-ass staged scene with some pieces of a car dumped over a barrier. How did it get there? From the sky?

I agree that drunk/distracted drivers are a menace. Are staged crashes actually working on people or are they numb to them?

Again, stay off the roads at 3:30. Many will be closed earlier for staging purposes.

A Whitby man died in a collision on Hwy. 403 on April 28

A 29-year-old Whitby man is dead after driving the wrong way on Hwy. 403 in Mississauga early Saturday morning. Police said the vehicle was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes just before 3:30 a.m. on April 28, when it struck a concrete rail.

Source: Whitby man dead after driving wrong way on Hwy. 403 | DurhamRegion.com

“At this point we do not have answers,” Schmidt said.

At one point will you have to? No one is following up.

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