Can’t you wait?

‘Believed to be dead”. Why make this announcement if you’re not sure?

Why exactly do we need dental records? If it wasn’t him that died, then where exactly did he go? Is he walking through the woods disoriented?

Doesn’t the truck company know who’s doing their runs?

Did this section of highway need repaving?

Is the 9 kids the (unbelievable) tip to fakery?

NORTH BAY — A North Bay trucker and father to nine children is believed to have died in the fiery Highway 400 crash Tuesday night.

Nikiyah Mulak-Dunn told Postmedia Network an OPP representative called her Wednesday because her husband’s truck was among the vehicles destroyed in the explosions following the collision south of Barrie.

She said police told her they still need to make a positive identification and have requested Benjamin Dunn’s dental records.

Hwy. 400 crash: North Bay trucker, father of 9, believed dead

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