Unspeakable fraud in Darlington

A powder puff piece on the mythical rebuild. What could 5000 people be doing? Does even the largest office tower construction in Toronto ever have 5000 people working on it at once? The numbers, the project can be anything they want because no-one will even question an iota of the “project”.

Most don’t even know it exists. It is hidden behind a huge man made berm hiding it from Canada’s busiest highway. Hundreds of thousands pass it without even knowing what illusion is being created behind the curtain.

The Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment project is 30 days ahead of schedule and $40 million under budget so far on the work on unit two, according to the project manager at Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington plant.

Source: Practice paying off at OPG Darlington refurb | DurhamRegion.com

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