Hoping this is fake

So many 9s (and 7s), I’m hoping this backyard “murder” is fake.

Durham police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of a 27-year-old woman found dead in Pickering Friday night.

Police said Ajax resident Arianna Goberdhan was nine months pregnant when she died, and that the baby did not survive.

Her husband, Nicholas Tyler Baig, 25, is wanted for second degree murder.

Police were called to 1603 Winville Road, in the Brock Road and Taunton Road area, at about 9:45 p.m. on April 7 for a domestic disturbance.



Pickering homicideArianna Goberdhan

Is this a photoslop? Why the box around this man’s (pasted) head?

This woman has little or no internet presence. Odd for a millennial.

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