Beware Of Putting Sweater On Dog

A woman tried to put a sweater on her dog named Scarface (interesting name choice) and it decided to attack. I guess this story seems possible but when I see that the occult number 22 year old son stabbed the dog and that this story took place in sunny and warm Florida, I suspect fake story. Why would a dog need a sweater in such a warm climate???

A dog incensed by a woman’s attempt to make it wear a sweater attacked her and two others in Tampa, Florida on Friday, police said.

CBS Tampa affiliate WTSP reports that 52-year-old Brenda Guerrero tried to put a sweater on the dog, a pit bull mix named Scarface, in the backyard of her home — and the dog attacked her.

It didn’t stop there. The woman’s husband, Ismael Guerrero, heard screams outside the house and ran out in an effort to pull Scarface off his wife. The dog then started to attack him, too.

The couple’s son, 22-year-old Antoine Harris, stabbed the canine in the neck and head — and the dog attacked Harris, WFTS reported.

Source: Dog viciously attacks family after woman tried to make it wear a sweater | CBS News

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