Christmas fire – suspicious media story

Not much to go on here – except that the media propagates (noble) lies all the time. Christmas fires are so cliche – yet we get them every year. Is it a deliberate attempt to dampen our spirits during a happy time of year?

I’ve been in the area of where their cottage was. Google maps shows it at the end of a road in an area easily sealed off – perfect for controlling a perimeter.

Don’t expect any answers on this story. If the family didn’t die and this was a big hoax, then it’s always curious the reasons/methodology for relocating a whole family. We can only know one day when someone on the inside of these operations spills the beans.

The family also lived in an area of Toronto super-concentrated with media workers.

Remember, this could have happened. I only speculate because the media does propagate big lies, acting as a conduit for intelligence/our controllers. The only thing that protects these lies from being revealed is our own incredulity.

A Toronto lawyer who was considered a driving force in Canada’s tech sector died suddenly along with his wife and two children in a Christmas Eve fire that levelled the cottage where they had planned to retire.Geoffrey Taber, a partner at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, was at the cottage on Stoney Lake in Ontario’s Kawarthas region for a Christmas break with his wife, Jacquie Gardner, and their teenaged sons, Scott and Andrew. Authorities were called to the fire around 4 a.m. on Saturday. Following a search, the bodies of four people and two pets were recovered by Monday.

Source: Christmas Eve fire kills Toronto family of four in Stoney Lake cottage – The Globe and Mail

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