33 Cars Stolen

33 masonic cars have been stolen because people were warming them up. Really? I say fake news story. Also there’s a mention of one suspect stealing a “warmed up car” and driving themselves to the airport where they were then arrested, LOL! Come on this is laughable. This news story is fear porn to keep us slaves paranoid of each other.

St. Paul police are asking residents not to leave their cars running and unattended after 33 vehicles left to warm up were stolen off city streets this month alone.

The crime of opportunity has gotten worse as temperatures plummet. In the past three days, 10 cars that were left running were stolen. Three of those thefts occurred Friday.

“This is how brazen some of these thieves are,” said police spokesman Steve Linders. “One of these victims started his wife’s car and got into his car, which was sitting there, and somebody jumped in his wife’s car and drove away with it.”

The theft occurred about 6 a.m. on Dec. 10 in the 500 block of Hoyt Avenue.

The man drove after the car thief, who bailed out of the vehicle a few blocks later. The two men scuffled, and the suspect fled before police arrived.

Source: 33 cars stolen from St. Paul streets as drivers warmed them up | Star Tribune

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