Transgender Victims Of Oakland Warehouse Fire Misidentified

Two alleged victims in the Oakland Warehouse Fire aged 29 (sums to 11) and 33 were misidentified as being men when they were actually MTF transgender. Seriously? This is part of the script of this staged/fake/hoax PsyOp. The message the writers are communicating is be sensitive to transgender identification. You can search the news for similar stories where transgender people are being called he or she “inappropriately”. The media is trying to make people sensitive to identifying transgender people by what their new gender is even if it doesn’t look convincing to you or me.

Activists and friends are working to ensure that transgender victims in the Oakland “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire are being remembered by their correct gender identities and names.

Two of the victims, Feral Pines, 29, and Em B, 33, were transgender artists who relocated to the Bay Area in part because of its thriving LGBTQ community.

Scout Wolfcave, 34, a friend of Pines, has been calling news outlets following the deadly fire asking them to change their usage of “he” to “she” in news coverage surrounding Pines’ death.

Source: Transgender victims of Oakland fire misidentified by incorrect names, gender identities | New York Daily News

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