Another Gay Serial Killer PsyOp

An alleged serial killer is guilty of 22 (multiple of 11) masonic offenses. A mini-psyop perhaps to promote the serial killer scare meme.  Some of the more famous alleged serial killers tend to be gay for some reason, see Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. Also note the times in the photo of 21:44:53 and 01:33:31, just a coincidental 44 and 333 or just more masonic double numbers purposely placed in this fake serial killer psyop news story.

A serial killer described by a detective as one of the most dangerous individuals he had ever met, was jailed for life on Friday for the murder of four gay men he met on dating websites.

Stephen Port, 41, a chef, was found guilty earlier this week of 22 offenses in Barking, east London, England, involving the lethal drugging of his young victims aged between 21 and 25.

He was also convicted on four counts of rape and six counts of administering drugs in relation to another seven men. Port was given a whole-life sentence at the Old Bailey, meaning he will never be paroled.

Souce: Serial Killer Jailed For Murdering 4 Gay Men He Met Online | The Huffington Post

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