Crash Trash reporting

Update:now there are 11…a story just to change the count to a magical number??? Hoax code update?

Police confirm there were 11 vehicles involved in the crash, not 12 as they had initially reported.

In your face eh.


News reporting is the only thing unrecognizable from reality. I have no idea if this crash really happened – since we don’t have verifiable info – but this did occur very near to a Ministry of Transportation yard where it could have easily been staged.

A beginning of summer staged crash to dramatize the harsh reality of poor driving during the congested period and to have a full EMT drill are distinct possibilities here.Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed four people, including one child, were killed in a fiery, multi-vehicle crash Friday night on Highway 400 in north Toronto when a car drove into the back of a transport truck.Paramedics had pronounced three adults and one child dead at the scene. Two people were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, while several others sustained minor injuries.Paramedics initially reported five deaths, but police confirmed later four people were killed in the crash.

Source: Fiery crash on Hwy 400 leaves 4 dead, including child, vehicles ‘completely unrecognizable’ – Toronto – CBC News

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