Here are a couple of historical data points that I think may give us insight into how these PSYOPS are conducted

A little known chapter in the Son of Sam case deals with a woman named Arlis Perry, from Minot, North Dakota, was found ritually murdered in a chapel at Stanford University in California in 1974.

Murder at Memorial Church remains unsolved 40 years later

After David Berkowitz was arrested he made statements regarding Mino,t North Dakota, home of his alleged cult confederates John and Michael Carr

From the Wiki article

“David Berkowitz, the notorious “Son of Sam” killer from New York City, mentioned the Perry murder in a few letters, suggesting that he heard details of the crime from “Manson II”, the culprit…”

The point I would like to highlight in this post regards Arils Perry’s husband, Dr. Bruce Perry, who is a child psychologist specializing in child trauma and counseled the surviving children of Waco, OKC bombing and Columbine.

Among fakeologists, it is generally agreed that Waco, OKC bombing and Columbine were all PSYOP hoaxes. If so, then who is Dr. Perry counseling!

“…Perry attended Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts but didn’t graduate.[1] He took classes that interested him; but did not fulfill requirements for a bachelor’s degree.[2] Even without a bachelor’s degree,[3] he earned a M.D. and Ph.D. at Northwestern University. He completed a residency, from 1984 through 1987, in psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. In 1987, Perry did a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Chicago.[4]…”

“…Perry has served as a consultant and expert witness on many high-profile incidents involving traumatized children, including the Columbine High School massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco siege, and the YFZ Ranch custody cases….”

And this is the cat that counsels the child trauma victims from OKC bombing, Waco and Columbine ?!!

Here is his bio.

Historical data point #2

The mother of O.J. Simpson limo driver Alan Parks is an appellate attorney for one of the Manson family members !!

“…When he got home, Park thought things seemed a little odd, he said, but he never could have imagined that a murder had occurred — until his mother, a former public defender who once represented Manson family member Patricia Krenwinkel — learned that Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman had been murdered outside Nicole Simpson’s house

Read more here:

It seems everyone is in on it but us!

Foe example, Pablo Fenjves (hostile witness… neighbor of Simpson) — “He also ghostwrote If I Did It[2], an account of the O. J. Simpson murder case”

With the profits going to the Goldmnan family!?

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