Hoaxbusterscall.com comments

Negentropic and the various (Markus Allen?) sock puppets promoting this site are having a lively debate on hoaxbusterscall.com‘s blog.

Just like you didn’t need to share with us your insane letter to Ab last week, which revealed your expert deduction that Ab rewrote the Hoax Busters shownotes to leave you out deliberately. There was no reason for you to share it here, because it just made you look even more retarded and nuts.



P.S. My response to Abirato, SMJ and yet another butt-obvious proxy of Markus Goldstein (that clown gets around, doesn’t he?) bashing my appearance on last week’s show, which he doesn’t have the balls to post on his site:

“Hey Ab, you can refuse to mention my name in your post of Chris’s show, despite the fact that I was on there for almost 2 hours and Paul only 5 minutes, and then bash me all you want in the comments but that won’t change the fact that Simon Shack will never do your show ever again. lol

You’re done running flat-earf discredit-by-association against him, pretending to be his friend. You can put all the flat-earf stuff on 10 other sites and you’ll never see him back on your show again. Let me give you a shekel-back-guarantee on that. lol He’s not as naive as you think.

For the record,  I never received an email from Negentropic nor saw his first comment to me. I like Negentropic for the researcher he is and am not sure why he has a bug up his ass about this site.

The drama never ends.

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