Allopathic medicine psyop?

This story smells.. .Christian biblical children names with a father acting happy all dippy peace and love to a jury that just threw the book at him.

The message is clear: the state can override your parenting choices in the name of scientism and modern allopathic medicine if you dare consider  homoeopathic solutions.

After Ezekiel died, the Stephans moved from Glenwood, Alta. to Nelson, B.C., and returned there after the verdict with their three other boys: eight-year-old Ezra, three-year-old Ephraim and one-year-old Enoch.

Stephan said he and his wife are worried about going to prison because of their children. He said his mother died when he was 10, and he doesn’t want his children to be without a mother or father.

“It is a heartwrenching thought and I don’t see how this is doing the public any good.”

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