First UK astronaut [cosmonaut because she went up with those naughty Russians in the “cold war”] is taken gently over the jumps in a very recent UK psience radio broadcast
From about 16.20 Helen Sharman talks about weightlessness and chundering in ‘space’, the zero G plane aka the ‘vomit comet’….
“with the best training and selection people still vomit in ‘space’, there’s not much we can do about that”

It made me think that not much is talked about vomiting in the ISS

Here’s how it’s done – apparently but not while one is wearing a gorilla suit or doing ‘experiments’. [Chris Hadfield , 2013]

Jake Garn seems to be the ‘astronaut’ to hang the vomiting in ‘space’ story on.

The ur-puking episode is ascribed to Frank Borman, Apollo 8
“About an hour after starting his sleep shift, Borman requested clearance to take a Seconal sleeping pill. However, the pill had little effect. Borman eventually fell asleep but then awoke feeling ill. He vomited twice and had a bout of diarrhea that left the spacecraft full of small globules of vomit and feces that the crew cleaned up to the best of their ability. Borman initially decided that he did not want everyone to know about his medical problems, but Lovell and Anders wanted to inform Mission Control” …..allegedly.

How did they make the film Apollo 13 ‘so realistic’?
July 1995

“these actors have surrounded themselves with the real astronauts that went into outer space in order to play these roles authentically” – Jim Grazer, producer [@4.20] LOL!

[zero G sequence @ 5.52]

Forget the moon, let’s press on to Mars…

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